Football Betting Tips

When it comes to betting on football successfully it’s always a good idea to follow some basic football betting tips. Betting tips are basically things that you should consider before placing bonus football bets and will greatly improve your chances of winning each bet that you make. The football betting tips shown below, whilst not guaranteeing success each time, will definitely improve your chances of winning the bonus football bet your thinking of placing.

When betting on football matches, a good football betting tip is to check the previous five games played by the team you’re betting on. Ask yourself if the previous opponents were tough teams or if they’d been playing well for some time? Did luck play a large part in their results? Basically it’s a good idea to distance yourself from results and to look at how football teams actually play. This tip is how successful punters generally identify value bets.

Tips For Football Betting

Another great football betting tip would be to read as many match reports as you can as they’re often full of useful betting information. Find the trends, identify teams on the way up or down and use the information. Most football teams have both good and bad runs during a season and it’s the football punters job to identify these trends before online bookmakers do! Key football betting tips to consider before placing any bets on football fixtures include:

Football Betting Tip 1: Team Form

Take a look at the recent form of each team. Research the opposition and evaluate their position at the time of each game. Check recent match reports to see if results have been affected by luck or by a teams having a good day.

Football Betting Tip  2: Team News

Check each teams player availability including injuries or suspensions. If players are missing how instrumental are they to the team when they play. Another good tip is to assess how good the replacement players are.

Football Betting Tip 3: Previous Meetings

Always look at the history between the two football teams involved. You’d be surprised by often history repeats itself or how some teams have a psychological barrier that makes it harder for them to beat certain teams.

Football Betting Tip  4: Home/Away Records

Check out each teams form both at home and away. Some teams play better at home whilst others prefer counter attacking football and prosper more away from home when the home team attacks more.

Football Betting Tip 5: Motivation

Look at the motivational factors of each team – especially when the season is nearly over. Does one team need the points more than the other. Are the teams playing in cup competitions or needing to rest players.

Football Betting Tip 6: Fixture List

Don’t forget to look at each teams fixture list. Has one of the football teams played more recently than the other and if they’re likely to be tired. Also check each teams next opponents to see if they’re important games.